Building strong foundations for our children

What are the CORE beliefs of Benevolent House?


Providing compassionate families to the children we serve is at the center of what Benevolent House stands for. Our children require a depth of understanding and patience to build and strengthen the foundation of support that will sustain them through the uncertainty in their lives. Benevolent families are entrusted with the role of primary caregiver to affect positive, enduring impact that will make a difference in the future outcomes of our children.


It is the goal of our agency to provide positive opportunities to all we interact with. Our children should have the opportunity to heal and engage in meaningful activities within the community and their families. Benevolent House will take the lead in creating a safe environment for families and children to take advantage of positive opportunities. Becoming a Benevolent family means we must provide our children with the opportunity to nurture their untapped potential and strength by providing loving, trust-filled relationships that will foster enduring outcomes these children desperately deserve.


Benevolent Families are leaders in forging meaningful and safe relationships with all members of the treatment team and families. Developing relationships that are rich with trust, compassion, and love is the best foundation to help children who have been traumatized. Not only does Benevolent Families value relationships with their children and their children’s families, we strive to communicate and work cooperatively with all involved in the care of our children.


Benevolent House believes that our most vulnerable children deserve the very best in quality of service. Benevolent House expects the agency and families to deliver on the promise of providing excellent care and support for children and adolescents who come to us looking for a strong foundation on which to build their lives.


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