Benevolent House Child Placement Agency

Fostering & Kinship Services

Provide temporary or long-term care for foster children in a nurturing and stable environment.

Ensure Foster Children Enjoy a Loving, Safe Home

Welcome to Benevolent House Child Placing Agency’s foster and kinship placement program, where compassionate individuals like you significantly impact the lives of vulnerable foster care children. By opening up your home and your heart, you can provide these children with a nurturing, safe home to live in temporarily or long-term. Together, we create bright futures and ensure children have loving homes, no matter the circumstances.

The Benefits of Fostering

There are so many benefits to fostering children in need. Not only can you support a child at their most vulnerable, but you also have the power to influence their future by providing them with the resources to succeed and thrive. Foster parents also enjoy long-lasting connections as they positively impact children by becoming a source of support, guidance, and stability that can carry long into adulthood.

Our Kinship Placement Program

We understand the challenges that many kids face when instability rocks their families. That’s why we work hard to support kinship caregivers for foster kids, where these individuals can enjoy more stability and comfort by being placed with family members or relatives that preserve their family connections.

The preservation of the family bond is crucial, which is why Benevolent Child House Placing Agency strives to help children maintain their connection with their relatives and community. Furthermore, kinship placements also allow children to enjoy stability when their immediate family may not be able to provide this for them.

How to Get Involved in Our Foster and Kinship Placement Program

We are always seeking more compassionate foster care parents and kinship placements for our Northern Texas community. To learn more and find out if this is the right fit for you and your family, please contact us today for additional information.

Please note there is an application process that must be followed before the placement of children within your home for fostering or kinship placement. After you are accepted, we begin discussing potential fostering or kinship placement opportunities you may pursue.

Join our fostering and kinship placement program today to become a beacon of hope for foster children in need. Together, we can provide them with the stability and love they deserve.

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