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Achieve your dreams of parenthood and service by adopting children in need.

Creating Forever Families Built on Stability, Love, and Care

At Benevolent House Child Placing Agency, we are proud to help people like you achieve their dreams of parenthood while providing a safe, loving home for children in need in search of their forever families. Adoption can profoundly impact the lives of children and families alike. That’s why we provide compassionate support and guidance every step of the way as we assist individuals on this incredible journey to provide stability and permanence to those in need.

Why Choose Adoption?

For many adults, the dream of having a family can be disrupted by any number of challenges in one’s life. Adoption completes two dreams: your dream of parenthood and the child’s dream of stability and loving parents. More so than that, adoption also can:
  • Create lasting bonds: Adopting a child in need is not the same as fostering, as you will create a lifelong bond with the child. Furthermore, this relationship can provide a secure and stable foundation for your development as a parent and the child’s development as they grow into thriving adults.
  • Make a difference in the local community: In our Northern Texas region, we are proud to partner with many families and foster care children to find the best adoption opportunities. Every child adopted is another child provided with long-lasting safety and security, which makes a difference in the lives of the youngest members of our community.
  • Enjoy expert support from our team: Benevolent House Child Placing Agency is proud to assist you with our years of experience in the adoption industry. We understand the challenges that may arise, and we can work to ensure that your adoption process leads to success and the inclusion of a new family member into your home.

How to Get Started

If you are ready to begin discussing your options for adoption, we are excited to speak with you! Our team will work with you in our initial consultation to discuss the process and answer any questions you have about it. From there, we will assist you with your adoption preparation, matching, placement, and even post-placement support. With Benevolent House Child Placing Agency, you will be supported every step of the way.

Begin Your Adoption Journey Today

Embark on the life-changing experience of adoption to create a loving family where everybody’s dreams come true. Contact us today to get started!

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