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About Us

Welcome to The Benevolent House

Benevolent House aims to help foster families get licensed. We serve all of North Texas, assisting the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services in the effort to achieve the goals of permanency planning for children between the ages of 0-18 years old. Our goal is to reduce the barriers to fostering and adoption by bringing the training to you online.


Benevolent House Child Placing Agency’s mission is to build strong foundations for our most vulnerable children through the advocacy and therapeutic services we provide.


Our vision is to ensure that those entrusted to us have a safe place to call home, whether it is intended to be temporary or permanent. Our vision is to ensure that families have the support they need and desire to adequately fulfill the physical, mental, and emotional needs of the children we serve.

Core Beliefs


Providing compassionate families for the children we serve is at the center of what Benevolent House does. Our children require a depth of understanding and patience to build and strengthen the foundation of support that will sustain them through this very vulnerable period in their lives. Benevolent House families are entrusted with the role of primary caregiver to affect positive, enduring impact that will make a difference in the future outcomes of our children.


Our children should have positive opportunities to heal and engage in meaningful activities within the community and their families. Benevolent House works diligently to help create safe environments for families and children. It is important that we provide our clients with the opportunity to nurture their untapped potential and strength by providing loving, trust-filled relationships that will foster enduring opportunities they so desperately deserve.


Benevolent House families lead in forging meaningful and safe relationships with all members of the treatment team. By developing relationships that are rich with trust, compassion, and love, we support those who have been traumatized.


Benevolent House and its families will strive to provide excellent childcare services. We are dedicated to educating ourselves and implementing best practices to build strong foundations for the children we serve.

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