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Our Mission
Benevolent House Child Placing Agency strives to build strong foundations for our most vulnerable children through the advocacy and therapeutic services we provide.
Company Overview
Benevolent House Child Placing Agency was established in September of 2016 with a vision of strengthening and empowering our most vulnerable children who have suffered from neglect and abuse. We aim to ensure we license foster families who can provide both the nurturing support and enduring dedication our children deserve. Our agency strives to bring thoughtfulness, perspective and a tireless work ethic to continuously build strong foundations for the children in our care.

Benevolent House endeavors to assist the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services in the effort to achieve the goals of permanency planning for children between the ages of 0-18 years old.

Our Story

The founders of Benevolent House Child Placing Agency, Christopher and Tanya Orr, have always advocated for children. As educators, they have spent countless hours developing and executing academic and life lessons that have impacted and educated the children under their charge. In 2009, they chose to bring their advocacy closer home by adopting a daughter. Even still, the Orr’s recognized that their work was yet to be done. Hence, Benevolent House Child Placing Agency was founded in 2016.

Christopher and Tanya Orr are incredibly proud and eager to advocate on behalf of the most vulnerable children and to provide steadfast, loving foster families to those children in need of stronger foundations. They know the work can be difficult, heart-wrenching, and challenging. Yet, they also understand that it is fulfilling, rewarding, and what is needed to strengthen families and build communities. Christopher and Tanya Orr look forward to helping create a brighter future for our children.

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